E-commerce has been a game changer or rather a boon for lingerie market. The market has grown to a large extent since the time of its evolution. The consumption of lingerie has grown-multi-fold with the online stores as they offer privacy to the women. The online lingerie shopping stores cut the need of those awkward conversations with the salesman in the traditional shops, giving women more of freedom to choose what they really wish to purchase. It allows women to browse through various styles and designs being at their comfort zone. The more they explore, the more they buy. With women lingerie store India, lingerie shopping from being an embarrassing shopping experience has now evolved as a fun experience for most of the women in India.

Because of the increased number of online lingerie stores and awareness among the people, the lingerie markets are creating new records with each passing day. The lingerie market is witnessing trends in terms of fabric design, finish application, the introduction of wider color choices and fitting. With the increased online sales a lot of local brands in India have gone ahead to have a tie-up with online giants like Flipkart and Amazon while many others have even launched their own online portals. The online market has also allowed women to explore some great international brands. Moreover, the manufacturers and designers are now paying extra attention in designing the most stylish yet comfortable lingerie.

The reason for increased online customers is the service and benefits it offers to the customers. The online stores not only provide women with privacy but a lot of other features as well. The online stores provide women the convenience to shop 24*7, they can shop whenever they wish to and from the comfort of their home. The online lingerie store offers a large number of brands, a variety of design, colors and sizes all at one place for example; you can purchase a wide variety of panties online, from the super comfy briefs to sexy thongs and boy shorts to hipster panty online store. Unlike traditional stores, the online store also provides options like the ‘fit test’ that helps women to calculate the right size of the innerwear. With easy returns and exchange policies available, first, try and then buy problem is also solved. The fact that online portals are providing specialized products which are not available at all offline stores also attracts consumers.

Nowadays consumers are constantly evolving with their tastes and preferences. While white, black and basic nude colors are must-have for every lingerie wardrobe, the women all around the world are being experimental and are looking for different varieties of color choices to prints and textures. They are also being particular about the fabric of the lingerie and prefer to buy them as per the occasion. The demands for all the lingerie type are at their peaks. Also, women have become more open to paying for quality and value-added products than ever before.

Undoubtedly, the lingerie market in India is witnessing growth but there’s still a long way to go!